Meet the Cyclists: Isaac Martin

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1I am Isaac and 38 years old. I work as an admin officer. My involvement with Thope was inspired by the vision statement of the organisation.The Foundation’s purpose is to reach women and girls  so that they can strengthen the future female leadership of this country. By assisting young learners with literacy, reproductive health programs, robotics and computer coding; it builds the future. I also have two girls and care about a vision that puts girls at the centre such as the one of the Thope Foundation.

My personal mission for this initiative is to create awareness of thee unequal society where gender based violence is a norm, to teach others that we as men is have a role in empowering women and girls.  Secondly, it is to generate  income to support the program from strength to strength and maybe someday the organisation can have satellite offices across South Africa.

You can support Isaac’s personal mission by donating to the Thope Foundation .

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