Meet the Cyclists: Raafiq Kolia

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2I’m Raafiq Kolia  and I am 36 years old and work as a professional. I was inspired to get involved with Thope Foundation because I am a father of small kids, so this project touched me. The Foundation works with young children which makes me reflect on my own kids, my own family and  seeing that they have an opportunity for something better.  I would like to also give back to the community and create awareness of this program. I have been involved in adult education and literacy so this is just a further step of working with young children in school.

My personal mission  for this initiative is simply to create awareness of the good work that Thope is doing, and the more you make people aware of the good work, I think it can contribute in growing this  Foundation.

You can support Raafiq’s personal mission by donating to the Thope Foundation .

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