Thope Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to improve the education landscape for young girls in South Africa. The organisation seeks to address the very extreme challenges experienced by young girls both within schools and the communities from which the girls come from. The vast majority of South African communities are ravaged by high levels of unemployment, poverty, violence, infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB, teenage pregnancy and increasing levels of school dropout. The most vulnerable groups are small children, young girls and women who often bear the burden of poverty and ineqaulity. Thope uses positive female role models from the communities to mentor and support young girls to mitigate the effects of the harsh and violent reality for most young girls, to prevent school dropout, teenage pregnancy and build resilience of girls towards a brighter future.

Thope Foundation’s vision is to drive change in transforming the lives of girl children through education.

Thope Foundation’s mission is to contribute to an African society where women and girls have equal access to quality socio-economic opportunities to be healthy and productive citizens.



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