Urgent Needs

  • Tutor transport costs
  • Learner meals for Saturday sessions
  • Telephone and printing costs for the programme
  • Sanitary towels/pads for the girls on a monthly basis
  • Shuttles with drivers for education excursions
  • Educational toys and books for the girls

Ongoing Needs

  • Meals for learners
  • Educational materials
  • Contribution to operations/core costs of the organisation
  • Learner stationary and books
  • Emergency schools uniform fund for orphans who don’t have access to purchasing uniforms
  • Transportation costs for tutors
  • Use of a taxi/bus and driver to take girls on educational outings
  • Office supplies and furniture
  • Working computers and tablets for our technology program
  • Auditing services
  • Marketing and communications expertise

Your contribution does not necessarily have to address the above needs; we welcome volunteers who wish to donate time and expertise. Get in touch with us.